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Why Choose Refurbished Cubicles?…

05 Jan Why Choose Refurbished Cubicles?…


These days as office managers seek to balance cost, function and appearance, refurbished office cubicles are the answer.  Refurbished office cubicles are not just less expensive than new cubicles, they’re often not much different from new cubicles, although refurbished cubicles can cost almost half of its new counterparts.  As far as function goes, refurbished cubicles perform as well as brand new.  And as far as appearance is concerned, it is difficult to spot the difference between refurbished and new. 


Refurbished office cubicles are not a new fad that came around with the “green movement”.  Companies like New Life Office have been saving wise business owners money for 20+ years.  In years past it may not have been popular to furnish a building with refurbished workstations.  However, as companies are seeking to be green and environmentally responsible, more and more are seeing the many benefits of going with refurbished product.


Refurbished cubicles are Earth friendly.  Buying used cubicles reuses core structural components and reduces the release of harmful pollutants into the environment.

There are several key benefits to the environment:


Conserved resources. By sucking up much less raw materials from the environment, energy and natural resources are conserved. In place of new, raw material, refurbished office cubicles use materials already in circulation. The wood, steel, plastics, and aluminum that go into refurbished office cubicles have already made their impact on the environment in the past.


It is estimated that each pound of natural resources used in remanufacturing conserves the equivalent of up to nine pounds of original materials.

The refurbishing process also conserves energy, requiring up to 95% less energy to create furniture compared to building furniture from scratch.


Reducing pollution.Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are an unavoidable byproduct of the manufacturing process. Refurbishing used office furniture reduces the amount of VOCs released in the atmosphere, reducing the risk of global warming, acid rain, and the other aftereffects of air pollution.


Reducing solid waste. The solid waste stream would be clogged with bits of furniture, if not for the valiant efforts of recycling and remanufacturing professionals. The EPA estimates that approximately 3 million tons of office furniture are thrown out every year. Furniture refurbishing keeps this number low, saving on landfill space and returning still-usable refurbished office cubicles back to where they belong – in the workplace.


The refurbishing process is not as extensive as  remanufacturing.  Refurbishing actually puts a lot of “new” back into the old, with newly laminated worksurfaces, fresh low VOC paint, and new fabric.  The finished product comes in a wide range of designs, finishes and configurations.


For many business owners, refurbished office cubicles represent the best of both worlds.  They are able to purchase great quality, functional workstations for a better than expected price.  Refurbished office cubicles offer great benefits to both businesses and the environment.

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