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Sweet Treats in the Office

03 Feb Sweet Treats in the Office

blog-picWith Valentine’s Day around the corner, it’s time for those candy jars and dishes to start showing up in the office.  You know, all of those lovely pastel conversation hearts that say “Be Mine” or “Call Me”.  Oh… and don’t forget the chocolate; chocolate marshmallow hearts, chocolate cherries, crispy chocolate hearts, peanut butter hearts.  Did I mention cinnamon hearts too? 


We all  love candy around the office on Valentine’s Day, Halloween and Christmas.  Why not have a candy dish or something like it year round, especially on a manager’s desk?  From a manager’s point of view, think of the benefits.  Your crew will have a good excuse to stop by your office.  While they are there snagging a Twix, they may share important information about the company or give you little tidbits that will help you perform your job better.  You could also take advantage of their sweet tooth visits to check up on how a project or new assignment is coming along.


A candy dish can help you seem more approachable and friendly.  It could even help you break the ice if you are new to a company or department.  You may be seen as welcoming and giving, even as a team player. 


Treat jars can have other strategic purposes too.  You could use a single square of chocolate as a reward for a task completed, especially a task you hate to do.  A piece of candy can also serve as a pick me up when you are feeling blue or a bit tired.


Think about how much employees would appreciate a bowl of mints as they sat down in your cubicle to discuss a matter.  Don’t we all worry about our breath, especially in tight quarters?  I can think of many a time when a breath mint would have been a welcome sight or something I wish I could have shared with another!


We could even think a bit outside of the dish here and be healthy.  What about a fruit bowl or basket on your desk?  You could keep it stocked with seasonal fruit for employees.  Oranges and tangerines are an excellent source of vitamin C to ward off colds and flu and can give a healthy sugar boost to energize someone.  Bananas and dark colored grapes look great on a desk and can survive unrefridgerated for several days. 


Another healthy alternative might be a dried fruit medley which may include blueberries for the antioxidants and mango’s because they are just so  very sweet and delicious.  Some other great seasonal treats are roasted pumpkin seeds or even sunflower seeds.  A few other ideas on the healthy side are vegetable chips, pretzels, raw mixed nuts or even dried peas.


No matter if your candy bowl is filled with Skittles or dried fruit, remind your colleagues to tip the treats from the bowl rather than reach in and grab with their hand.  That way everyone will spread sweetness not germs around the office.  Also, make it clear that treats are available for everyone.

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