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Stretches to Revive Mind & Body

18 Nov Stretches to Revive Mind & Body

blog-pic1Do you find yourself so engrossed in your work that you are too busy to stand up and move your muscles?  Sitting for a long period of time can greatly affect your posture, especially if you have been hunching back or slouching.  Good news!  There are some great stretches that you can do in your office chair without even leaving your cubicle.


1. The Finger Stretch

Typing or writing for hours can put stress on your fingers and hands. To do this, you can:


Spread out your fingers evenly. Make sure your fingers are straight until you feel the stretch. Your hand should be aligned with your wrist. You can hold this for 10 seconds. Bend the end and middle knuckles slowly and hold this for 10 seconds.


2. Forearm and Bicep Stretch

Extend your arm right in front of you.  Pull your fingers back with your palms almost up with your other hand. Repeat with the other hand.


3. Twisted Shoulder Stretch

After the Forearm and Bicep Stretch, maintain your arm’s position and cross your arms. Lock your fingers and press your palms together. Your palms should be facing away from each other. Bow your head, almost putting it between your arms. Relax your neck and feel the stretch.


4. Shoulder Shrugs

Place arms at your sides and pull your shoulder up towards your ears. Roll them backwards slowly for 2-3 seconds. Repeat for 8-12 for 3 sets. Then roll them forwards for the same reps and sets.


5. Trunk Twist

With your feet flat on your floor, place your hands on your side, either on your leg or on the arm rest. Twist your upper body towards one side, support this position using your hands. Make sure you don’t deepen the stretch to the point that you’re uncomfortable. Hold for 10-15 seconds and repeat for the other side.


Stretching can refresh your mind and body after hours of typing. Make sure you get up, walk around or stretch after sitting for an hour or less to keep your muscles active.

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