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Spring Fever at the Office

11 Apr Spring Fever at the Office



It’s springtime! Everyone wants to be outside enjoying the fresh air, listening to the birds sing, and enjoying the beauty and fragrance of spring flowers. Unfortunately, many of us are “stuck” in an office cubicle from 9-5, only dreaming of enjoying spring.


Have no fear, here are some tips from Sierra Koester over at Yahoo Business to help you combat spring fever while you are at work, allowing you to enjoy the time you can spend outside and giving you the ability to concentrate on your work.


Indulge yourself: That’s right; indulge yourself in the spring weather. On your break, go outside and enjoy the fresh air. Eat lunch outside if it is possible. Take a walk every night after work. Walk to and from work if you can.


If you need to, take a mini-vacation where you can enjoy the outdoors for a few days. But don’t overdo it; you’ll want to come back to work feeling refreshed, ready to concentrate and work hard, not feeling tired.


Decorate: Many employers allow their employees to decorate their offices a little with flowers and pictures. Put some bright colored flowers on your desk; they’ll spruce up your office. Open the window in your office if you can. Smelling the spring air will be a pleasant reminder that when you are done working, you will be able to spend time outdoors.



Challenge yourself: If you work in a department within your company or work with a team of individuals regularly, challenge each other to be productive. Encourage one another. Set goals for your team and work hard to meet them.



Company activities: Ask your employer to coordinate a company picnic or small party outside for lunch one day in the spring. Suggest that workers’ hard work be rewarded with commendations. Have each employee write down the name and accomplishments of individuals who deserve to be recognized for their accomplishments in the company during the spring. Then, at the end of the spring months, draw one or a few names out of a bucket and reward each drawn name with a small gift or gift certificate.


Spice it up: Wear brighter or pastel colors to work. Make your mood match the cheerful spring weather; smile at your co-workers, greet customers with a cheerful attitude, or wish your boss a great weekend before he or she leaves on Fridays.


Dealing with spring fever is a challenge. Try applying a few of these tips to be a little more productive around the office. Happy Spring!





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