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Right/Left Brain Productivity in the Office

08 May Right/Left Brain Productivity in the Office

If you have ever wondered what your office says about you, your right brain or left brain most likely holds the answer.  One of the quickest ways to improve your productivity is by setting up a workspace that supports your dominant brain style. 


The brain is divided into two hemispheres, the left and right, and each hemisphere specializes in different functions, processes different kinds of information, and deals with different kinds of problems.  The left brain works more with logic and analysis, the right works more with emotions and imagination.



The Right Brain

A right brained person usually has a creative flair, is intuitive, emotional, and has a strong visual sensibility.  The right brain person will benefit from a workspace that uses lots of color along with options for keeping work papers out in the open.  Some important tools to keep the right brain person organized are paper sorters, project file boxes, open rolling files.  These options will help to avoid the out of sight, out of mind syndrome that pushes a right brained person to create piles instead of files. 


Another method for the right brained office is using colorful file folders, binders and portfolios.  These colorful pieces will inspire the right brained person to organize with products that create a visually stimulating environment.  This will also help a right brained person to remember where items are stored.



The Left Brain

A left brain dominant person tends to be verbal, logical and analytical.  A well ordered workspace with everything behind closed doors except the task at hand works best for the left brained person.  Left brain oriented people do best when a logical home has been established for everything.  They typically thrive on tools such as divided desk drawer trays, wire step files and label makers.



The left brain indentifies easily with either a numbered or letter index system for filing information.  A left brain person appreciates being organized and likes to have everything out of site in a file drawer.


Whether you favor the right brain or the left brain, by making changes to support your preferences and dominant style, you will keep your thinking focused, creative and productive.

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