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Remanufactured Cubicles – The Secret to Cutting Office Expenses

10 Feb Remanufactured Cubicles – The Secret to Cutting Office Expenses

cubicle-6x6-sageThe struggling economy has led many businesses to search for the best way to cut office expenses.  Among the variety of ways that a company can save money, refurbished office cubicles is one of the most sensible and popular.  While there many manufacturers and models of furniture that can be found at great quality and low prices, refurbished office cubicles stand out as an ideal way to cut costs without losing substance or quality.

Remanufactured cubicles from New Life Office are utterly indistinguishable from new ones and go for a fraction of the price.  Currently, remanufactured cubicles account approximately one half of the entire systems furniture market.  Countless offices are opting to save money on cubicles without sacrificing style.

The office cubicles offered by New Life Office are a combination of refurbished  and new product.  We choose to refurbish Steelcase brand panels because  they are of the best quality and have proven to hold up over the test of time.  Before our panels are resold, they are taken apart and inspected.  The metal parts of the panel frame are routinely sanded and painted with a low VOC , baked on finish.  The fabric is replaced with a pattern and color of the customer’s choice.  All of the worksurfaces provided by New Life Office are made new.  Customers can choose from our quick ship options of maple or cherry, or they can select a laminate from one of the leading manufacturers such as Pionite, Wilsonart and Nevamar.  The storage components offered by New Life Office are typically newly manufactured file pedestals and binder bins.  If a customer is interested in saving additional money, or making cubicles even more green, refurbished shelves, binder bins, file pedestals and laterals files are also available.  All worksurface supports offered are newly manufactured as well.

New Life Office typically purchases our panel inventory from large corporations or companies that are relocating, downsizing or going out of business.   In turn, we are able to sell the remanufactured cubicles to small, medium and even large companies for what is often as low as half the original price. 

Buying remanufactured furniture, in regard to selection and customer service, is quite like buying many other items new, if not better.   Most customers find more variety in finish and materials with remanufactured furniture than with their new counterparts.  Our customers are also happy to find that they have more layout options and flexibility in customizing workstations. 

The typical lead time for our remanufactured orders is 10 business days.  In comparison with the standard 4-6 week lead time offered by new manufactures, we can help companies stay on schedule as well as in budget.


When a business cuts expenses, it is important to look in the places that don’t provide absolute essentials.  Buying refurbished cubicles, often a great and necessary expense, avoids spending in an area that has no direct bearing on the function of an office and will provide equal satisfaction as do new cubicles.  Furthermore, it can even be easier and offer more choices to do so.







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