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Refurbished Cubicles

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100% Green, Clean, and Durable Refurbished Office Cubicles

Our refurbished used office furniture will make your workspace vibrant again. We take old furniture and turn it into refurbished cubicles, remanufactured desks, and more. Our refurbished office cubicles are beautiful, earth friendly, and strong. Look through our site to discover the new standard set by our refurbished office furniture.
New Life Office has perfected a ground-breaking process that refines material, which has not been done in the office cubicles industry before. The result of our work is award-winning refurbished office furniture that is better than new.

We take refurbished office cubicles, chairs and desks, and transform them into something that puts brand new office furniture to shame. See for yourself by customizing your own New Life Office furniture set today.

For the last two decades, we have been revolutionizing the office furniture industry. We have combined our products – refurbished used office furniture, and refurbished cubicles – with an exceptional record of customer service. We put customers first in every transaction and exceed our customer’s expectations.
Aside from providing great products, we also make sure to put the customer first in all of our transactions. We make customer service our No. 1 priority by exceeding our customer’s expectations, providing great prices and fast shipping.

Our prices are about 50% of what you would typically find with new furniture, and we also ship in just two weeks. Our refurbished office furniture is functional, economical, durable, and flexible. And, each one of our products comes with a 10-year warranty.

Don’t be worried about design or if the refurbished cubicles will match the rest of your office. Our designers can customize just about anything to fit your workspace. Our refurbished office cubicles are better than new, Earth friendly, built to last and beautifully finished.