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Qualified Cubicle Installers

To correctly install your new cubicles, it is necessary to select an experienced installation company that specializes in office cubicle installations. If you don’t currently have an installation company, we can connect you with a network of qualified and experienced installers in your geographical area. Your installation company should provide the following services throughout the duration of your project:

  • Provide a quotation for the cost of your installation including all labor and materials.
  • If you do not have a loading dock to receive shipment at your office location, the installation company can receive shipment from New Life Office and store it until you are ready to install.
  • Remove existing furniture if necessary.
  • Correctly install and attach all Steelcase panels with correct hardware, level all panels and worksurfaces, securely attach all storage components and trim pieces.
  • Coordinate hours of installation and insure that your time deadlines are met accordingly.
  • Work with and coordinate with electrician, voice and data people if necessary.
  • Clean installation site of any installation debris such as boxes, hardware and papers to insure a completed and professional appearance of your new office furniture.

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