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Organize Your Office in 10 Minutes a Day

22 Oct Organize Your Office in 10 Minutes a Day

Highly effective people are organized people. They can handle many tasks at the same time and do not lose track of their progress. They don’t miss appointments or lose things as often as the rest of us do. They always have their work done on time or early and they have more free time. Organizing is the key to productivity. It allows us to keep an eye on things and instantly recognize when something is wrong.


The benefits of organizing are enormous. If each item is put away in its place at all times, it is easy to find it when necessary. If a needed item is missing, it is easy to spot that it is missing and find it. Only taking out the items needed for the particular project you are working on will give you more room to work. Having a clean and organized work area helps to keep your mind focused on the task at hand.


Organizing our environment keeps our brains from overloading and allows us to focus on our work. When most of us are surrounded by a mess, we tend to despair and feel overwhelmed and distracted. The problem with clutter is that it distracts our attention and for most of us we can almost hear it saying “clean me up”.


According to, organization isn’t an act. It’s a process. They offer some great tips on how to create a system to turn your office into an organized space in just 10 minutes a day.


No time to organize your office? Follow these daily steps to organize and then maintain your office.


1. On Mondays, de-clutter your office. Remove at least one item which you don’t use at least monthly. Remove all personal items from your desk. Throw away pens that don’t work. Reduce your ketchup/salt/napkin supply by 90%.


2. On Tuesdays, take inventory. Review your supplies and make a list or place an order. Take a few minutes to look through an office supply catalog. You’ll find a myriad of useful organizing items.


3. Think on Wednesdays. How can you make better use of your computer? Can you develop a spreadsheet to help organize some aspect of your job? Do you need to find and register for a computer class? Do it today.


4. Thursday is sorting day. Go through all those business cards and small pieces of paper which have accumulated throughout the week. Put them where they belong. Also put away any reference materials you’ve been using.


5. Have fun filing on Fridays. End your week by cleaning up all the paper lying around your office. Purge your files. Have a mean and clean filing system which you can actually use.


Then have a wonderful weekend.

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