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Office Relocation Tips

15 Jun Office Relocation Tips

blogRelocating your office can be a nightmare.  It takes long hours to find that perfect office space and then there is the stress of disrupting your entire office to make the move.  It is easy to become overwhelmed with all of the tasks involved with moving.  Here are a few tips that can help make the transition easier:


Get the layout for your new space.  The blueprints or floor plan will help you to prepare for your space before you can be there in person.  Make sure to mark electrical outlets, phone jacks, Ethernet access points, columns/supports on your plans.


Make plans for flooring and walls.  The best time to make necessary changes to your wall and flooring is before all of your furniture and equipment is there to get in the way.  Whether paint or wallpaper, carpeting or stained concrete, choose colors and patterns that won’t distract from or wash out the rest of the office.


Create an inventory of your existing assets.  What office furniture do you already have?  What items do you want to keep in the move?  Make a list of the furniture and storage items that you will want to bring along to the new location.


Assess your furniture needs for the new location.  Even if you plan to bring everything your currently have, the new office will bring new opportunities with new needs.  This is  a great opportunity to upgrade your current office furniture and ensure that your move is a good one for everyone involved.


Create a budget for your new office furniture.  As most business owners know, creating and sticking to a budget will do great things for your bottom line.  Put together a list of items in order of priority and figure out what you can afford to spend.  This will be a great time to contact the experts at New Life Office.  Our experienced professionals can help you come up with a furniture layout and help you determine which type of furniture will meet your needs and budget.  New Life Office can provide Used /”As Is” office cubicles, or a combination or refurbished/new office cubicles, new executive workstations and new seating.   Whatever your office furniture needs, we can help you find a solution in your price range.


Create a moving schedule.  With so many departments and individuals involved, it is easiest to have one master schedule.  You will need to account for the availability of your own people, the schedule of those preparing your new office and the delivery date of your furniture. 


Moving offices can be hectic.  There are always unexpected variables that will pop up.  If you follow these tips and are prepared, you can minimize the stress of some of those surprises!

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