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Office Decorating Tips

27 Apr Office Decorating Tips

When designing and decorating your office space, you want to create an environment that is both aesthetic and productive.  It is important for your space to be inviting and pleasant for both employees and visitors.  You also want your space to have a professional look and feel.  Here are some tips that can help you create a pleasant and productive work environmet.



Try to select colors that represent the spirit of your business.  If your business is traditionally conservative like the banking or legal industry, you are better off selecting colors that are neutral such as taupe, tan and most earthtones.  If you are in a more creative industry like graphic arts, advertising or design, go for walls with more color to stimulate creativity.  Whichever tone you choose, be sure to use high quality paint that will last a long time.  Re-painting an office space can be both disruptive and costly.


Wall Décor:

Bare walls give an office a dull, unlived in feel, and that energy can affect the mood of your staff.  You can warm up your workspace by adding some tasteful framed photos, prints, or paintings to your walls.  A creative idea is to invite local artists to display their artwork on you walls.  They get exposure for their work while you get free office décor!




Office furniture plays a huge role in how an office space looks and feels.  Try to maintain the same style of furniture throughout the office.  Mismatched tables and chairs tend to make any space look cheap and thrown together.  Office furniture is a big investment so do your homework before buying.  There are companies like New Life Office, who can provide remanufactured office cubicles for a fraction of the cost of new.  These workstations look new, and can be ordered in custom finishes to match your office.


It is important to understand employees’ space requirements and needs before laying out office furniture.  What type of executive desk is needed?  Will a traditional desk and credenza be sufficient or will a U-Shaped or L-Shaped modular desk be better to meet needs?  Most office furniture dealers can help you out with space planning to optimize your space.



Add a few plants and indoor trees to your office to make your employees feel less cut off from the outside world.  This works especially well for offices in urban areas.  Do some research before buying plants to determine what kind of light is needed and make sure they will thrive on the amount of light available in your workspace.  There are many corporate plant services that will provide office plants and take over their care and watering onsite.


Clutter Control:

It has been said that with a clear desk comes a clear mind.  This is something you should keep in mind when arranging your desktop.  A computer, phone and framed photograph should suffice.  Office supplies that are not used on a constant basis should be tucked away in file drawer.  A chaotic physical environment will give way to a chaotic energy in the workplace, and this is rarely good for productivity or progress.

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