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Office Cubicles

New Life Office has always considered office cubicles to be its core competency and the center piece of its business. Years ago we noticed that there was a large gap in the market that needed to be filled for customers who want quality cubicles but don’t want to spend the type of money that dealers charge for new product. Most workstations purchased from a dealer of top manufacturers will pay anywhere from 30 to 60% higher for new cubicles when compared with our refurbished or used cubicles.

Throughout the years we have been providing our customers with quality office cubicles both “used” and “refurbished”. At first glance one might think there’s not much of a difference. However, we have had to tear down some of those stereo types and educate our customers on what the key differences are between used and refurbished, both in terms of cost and quality. We have been able to successfully meet the needs of our customers providing both options. Listed below you will find some key benefits to used or refurbished cubicles:

Used Cubicles:

  • Quick: Turn-around times on projects can be as quick as a few days.
  • Cost: Prices can be 50 to 60% lower than product purchased from new dealers.
  • Reputable: Large inventories of reputable brands like Steelcase, Herman Miller and Haworth.
  • Selective: Although we sell used product “as-is” we are very selective in the product we carry.

Refurbished Cubicles

  • Quality: 99% of our customers cannot tell the difference between a new or refurbished cubicle.
  • Choices: As opposed to used cubicles, refurbished cubicles can be tailored to suite your needs in terms of color, size and configuration.
  • Quantity: Our refurbished line allows us to pull from a large inventory of different sets of cubicles. Allowing us to provide an unlimited quantity for orders of any size.
  • Price: Refurbished cubicles give you the benefit of the new look at budget prices. Prices can be 30 to 40 % lower than new dealer pricing.