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Office Cubicles: A Smart Choice

17 Sep Office Cubicles: A Smart Choice

6x6-53-high-row-2-openLarge and small companies alike buy office cubicles to make the best use of space and to save money.  Office cubicles are a smart choice because of their flexibility, a company can easily reconfigure workstations to meet their changing needs and space requirements.

Some of the pro’s to buying office cubicles are:

  • Acoustics – Most panels have acoustical properties, they will help absorb some of the noise in your work station and office.
  • Hundreds of colors and patterns to choose from.
  • Various heights to choose from to meet your needs for both privacy
  • and acoustics.
  • Storage Space – You can customize cubicles to meet your storage needs and always add more on later as needed.
  • Accessories – There are accessories available to meet your needs such as keyboard trays, pencil drawer, task lights, tack boards, coat hooks and file management tools.
  • Power – Most systems will come with a raceway power in the base of the panel that allows for easy wire management and power to each workstation.
  • Quick set up when done by qualified installers.  Permits are not usually required.
  • Customization – You can literally customize your space according to your needs.
  • Affordable – There are a variety of options available at different price points to meet most any budget.  You can choose from new, refurbished and as is cubicles.
  • Quick lead time – If you choose a company like New Life Office to provide your cubicles, your turn around time can be as quick as 10 business days.

Here are a few things to think about when planning for your space:

  • Take a field measurement – Do not rely upon a floor plan, actually measure the space to make sure dimensions are correct and workstations will fit.
  • Plan proper walk ways always leaving at least 3′ of isle space.
  • Check with your property management about fire codes and follow them.
  • Make sure you know the true dimensions of cubicles.  You must always allow for “panel creep” which can add as much as 2″ to a cubicle.
  • Choose the right panel height.  Consider that employees want privacy and management want to see employees working.  Higher panels will cut down on sound. 
  • Pick neutral paint, fabric and laminate colors.  This will make it easier to reuse your cubicles in a different space or when you change your color scheme in the office.
  • Pay attention to where your data and power come from.  Can it be moved or do you need to plan your workstations around them?  Is the power coming from the wall, floor or ceiling? 
  • Get in touch with a project manager from a dealership to help you with space planning and design.  Most dealerships will offer free space planning and can give you some great ideas on how to best configure workstations in your space.
  • When getting pricing from a dealership, make sure that installation and delivery is included.  If it is not, make sure you find a professional installer who has experience with the brand of systems furniture you are purchasing.
  • When considering “as is” product, think about the space you will be using it in.  Will you need to add on to or match product in the future?   Would refurbished cubicles be a better option down the road since you will be able to match product and colors?


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