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Making Monday Fun-Day

04 Oct Making Monday Fun-Day

blogIf you dread Monday mornings, you’re not alone.  Most of us hate to drag ourselves out of bed on Monday morning and face the reality that yet another weekend has flown by.

Believe it or not there is a scientific explanation behind Monday Morning Blues. Our internal clocks naturally operate on a day that is longer than 24 hours.  By the time Monday rolls around each week, we have built up a sleep deficit of at least an hour.  Of course, weekend fun and facing another work week doesn’t help matters any!


Here are some tactics to help ease your Monday morning despair:


1.      If you can, sleep in an extra hour on Monday mornings.  Going to bed early on Sunday doesn’t always guarantee that you will actually get that extra hour of sleep.


2.      If you can’t sleep in by a full hour (most of us can’t), make preparations on Sunday evening to shorten your Monday morning routine ( wash your hair, pack lunches, lay out clothes, pack briefcase).  Then, set your alarm clock for 15 minutes later than usual.


3.      Work harder for Sunday!  Sunday is often the day to run errands, contributing to the feeling that the weekend is over by Sunday morning.  Instead of saving, or putting off all of your chores until Sunday, spread your errands out over the course of the week, and reserve Sunday for leisure, spending time with friends or family.


4.      Jump out of bed right when you wake up Monday morning.  Lingering under that warm comforter will only draw out the agony!


5.      Exercise in the morning to get your blood pumping and to release those feel – good endorphins.


6.      Get out and enjoy some sunlight.  Bright light tells your body that it is indeed  the morning and helps to reset your internal clock.


7.      Plan out your week on Sunday night and make a to-do list.  By breaking your work down into manageable projects, you will feel more prepared for the week ahead.


8.      Although it’s not healthy to drink caffeine to the point of addiction, caffeine, when used in moderation, can give your Monday mornings that much-needed kick.


9.      Anticipate your Monday morning on Friday afternoon.  Try to wrap up as much office work as you can on Friday.  Fight the temptation to race away from a messy office cubicle.  On Monday morning when you don’t feel overwhelmed by impending projects and a messy desk, you can thank yourself!


10. Make Monday a fun-day.  Schedule at least one activity every Monday that you can look forward to.  Rent or go to a movie, have dinner with a friend, schedule a aerobics class so you will have something to look forward to at the beginning of your work week.


Put a few of these ideas into place and see if they will help you get rid of some of your Monday morning anxiety.  If you wake up like I do on Monday morning, anything is worth a try!

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