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Make Time For Movement

22 Dec Make Time For Movement

Are you stuck working in a cubicle or desk all day long?  If the only time you stretch your legs is to go to the restroom or water cooler, keep on reading.  It is important to fit some physical activity into your workday to maintain good health, feel brighter and be more productive.


Here are some quick, easy suggestions from the Mayo Clinic to keep healthy and to get moving, even with a job that keeps you in your seat much of the time.


  • Make activity part of your routine. For example, if you spend a lot of time in meetings, consider making some of them walk and talk meetings. Before the meeting, ask the others who are planning to attend if they would be willing to walk while discussing agenda items.


  • If walking and talking isn’t an option, ask your meeting facilitator for permission to stand or pace during the meeting. This will provide some activity in your day and will keep you more alert and focused on the task at hand.


  • Another possibility is pacing while on the phone – simply walking back and forth as you talk. If you are on the phone a lot, this is a great way to infuse quite a bit of movement into your day.


  • If you must sit to do your job, identify times in your day where you can move. For example, if you’re a telemarketer who has to sit in front of a computer, go for walks during breaks. In fact, find a co-worker to join you so it’s easier to stay motivated.


Keep in mind that sedentariness isn’t just an issue of not burning calories and increasing your risk of obesity. Inactivity also makes you prone to diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol problems, poor sleep and even premature death. Whether it’s walk-and-talk meetings, parking at the far end of the lot and taking extra steps to and from your building, or using the stairs instead of the elevator, all activity is beneficial. The more you do, the fewer health problems you’re likely to have.

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