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Improve Your Work Environment

17 Mar Improve Your Work Environment

In our January Newletter, I posted some tips on how to make your work environment better. Since many of you may not subscribe to the New Life Office Newsletter (sign up here), I thought I would repost these great tips that will help you improve your relationships with coworkers and generally help you achieve your career goals.


1. Pull your own weight in the office. “Working well with others goes far beyond like-ability,” writes Julie Morgenstern in Making Work Work. “It’s about creating a pleasant, cooperative, energetic environment that ensures everyone gets the work done.” Working well with others will improve your work environment, and help you achieve your career goals. Morgenstern says working well with coworkers means being available, reliable, adaptable, respectful, clear, and fair.


2. Write thank-you notes to your coworkers. When you receive a gift from a colleague, whether it’s a stock tip or a baby gift, write a little thank you note. It’s a classy touch that people remember. Even the smallest of positive exchanges makes your work environment better, which will help increase your job security.


3. Be flexible with change. Change is difficult, but since it’s inevitable, your best bet is to roll with it. Plus, changing the way you do things is very healthy for your brain. If you can adapt easily to change, you’ll enjoy a better work environment, improve your relationship with your boss and coworkers, and be more likely to achieve your career goals.


4. Be sincere. You’re giving off positive energy when you sincerely thank an assistant, make eye contact with a messenger, and treat a stranger with respect. The more positive vibes you emit, the more positive ripples will return to you. Treating people with respect is an effective way to create a better work environment and achieve your career goals.


5. Treat everyone equally. Have you ever let a stranger take the taxi cab or held the door for an older person walking an inch a minute? You’re nice. The power of nice erupts when that stranger is the president of a company you’re wooing or the elderly woman sits on the board of your organization. Getting along with people at work goes beyond your behavior in an office cubicle.


6. Remember that people get promoted. The messenger could be training to be an investment broker, the secretary studying law, or the assistant being groomed for a promotion. Being nice to a “nobody” could translate to winning a client’s account or getting a stock tip. When you treat everyone with respect and kindness you’re not creating a better work environment, you’re setting yourself up to achieve your career goals. Like any investment, getting along with people at work could pay off big time in the long term or within days.


7. Ditch the negativity. Negative vibes, complaints, gossip, and comments definitely don’t create a better work environment. Negativity spreads like wildfire, infecting not just your work life but your home life too. To achieve your career goals and improve workplace communication, get and stay positive. Be real, but make sure your positive comments outnumber your negative comments by 10:1.




The source of the last 4 tips is from Thaler and Koval’s book, The Power of Nice: How to Conquer the Business World with Kindness


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