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Fun USB Gadgets

28 Jul Fun USB Gadgets

Are you looking for some new high tech USB gadgets for your office cubicle or executive desk?  There are some great things on the market right now.  Of course, some gadgets are functional and some are just quirky!  Take a look at some of the new items I found on


the-usb-fibre-optic-christmas-tree1_2263The USB Fibre Optic Christmas Tree is perfectly designed to give colorful shades to your Christmas celebrations.

It is a cool USB gadget to decorate your desktop and keep the Christmas spirit alive at your home or office. Just plug it into any USB port of your desktop PC or laptop and watch the tips of the branches turn blue, hypnotizing the entire room. The miniature tree comes complete with a realistic looking wooden pot.

Just imagine the atmosphere when an array of these miniature Christmas trees decorate your office cubicles in the most electrifying manner. It is also an ideal gift for your dear ones.




For people who just don’t have the time sit and grab a proper breakfast and read their morning newspaper at the same time, the Scan Toaster might be just the perfect home appliance. The unique design was conceptualized by designer Sung Bae Chang and even made it to the finals of a design competition held by appliance manufacturer Electrolux. The space-age gizmo connects to your PC via a USB port and downloads all kinds of information from weather to headlines or even cartoon strips right onto the bread. Thanks to a network of toasting “modules” heated by a hot wire, the toaster can burn content selected by the user on the slice.  There’s some news you can use!



AromaUSB is a tiny USB device that makes the atmospehere pleasant by filling the room with refreshing fragrance. You just have to plug this tiny key into the USB port of your computer, it takes care of the rest!

AromaUSB is available in a wide range of styles with the most exotic of fragrances. The tiny key is preloaded with perfume. Some of the models even let you refill it once it is empty. Corporate houses can get these USB keys with their custom logo imprinted on it, which makes the AromaUSB an ideal promotional novelty.

Click here for more details.



The Butt Cooler Cushion doesn’t leave much room for guessing, they just go right to the point and don’t dance around the truth.  You have to value that level of bluntness.  This Thanko cushion is meant to make sure that even your posterior stays nice and cool while you’re sitting in front of a very warm computer.  That’s one heck of an accomplishment to stay cool in the presence of a computer.



USB Friends Mailbox Alert.  Instead of checking 5 different websites and trying to keep track of who is messaging you, try this mailbox alert that plugs into your usb and will light up whenever you have a message waiting.  If you don’t think you will notice the red glow, it has other ways of notifying you as well!

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