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Fabulous Files

10 Feb Fabulous Files


Are you tired of looking at a messy office? Wish you could stop wasting so much time looking for documents and supplies? Wanting to create a more professional work environment for your employees and visitors?

Adding a filing cabinet – or several from New Life Office could solve your problems.  At New Life Office we offer filing cabinets in a wide array of colors and styles to fit any work environment.  Depending on your budget and needs, we can help you find new, used or refurbished filing cabinets.


One of our most popular styles of filing cabinets is the versatile lateral file.  It is available in two, three, four and five drawer options.  A lateral file cabinet has many appealing advantages. Built with volume, style and strength in mind, a lateral file cabinet can accommodate reams of paperwork without taking up a lot of floor space. It is much more efficient than a traditional vertical file cabinet. 


If files are hung side-to-side, the wide drawers of a lateral file cabinet make it easy to glance down a large number of files quickly for required paperwork. Unlike a vertical file cabinet, the lateral file cabinet drawer need not be pulled out as far to search for a needed file. This is of particular importance in tight quarters where attendants are passing back and forth or working in close quarters. Because a lateral file cabinet can hold so many files, this type of unit is often used in doctors’ offices, hospitals, law enforcement agencies, schools, and other establishments that require constant access to paperwork.


By far, our filing cabinet that is most in demand is the 2 drawer file pedestal.  Our file pedestals offer style, flexibility and of course, durability.  File pedestals are made to slide under a work surface and are most often used in office cubicles.  There are three styles available:  a Box/Box/File (two drawers stacked on top of a file), a File/File (two filing drawers) or a Box/File (one drawer on top of a file).  The right configuration can be chosen for your office needs or you can combine two styles to get adequate drawer space as well as needed filing space.   File pedestals are commonly available in two depths which are 24″  and 30″ deep.


Our durable pedestals and lateral files provide a place to get organized and store important files and supplies – keeping all the things you need and use every day close at hand.

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