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Doing Your Part to be Green

26 Aug Doing Your Part to be Green

Are you personally doing your part to help create a greener workplace?  Most employees in the U.S. want to work for businesses that are environmentally-friendly, yet they are not doing their part to green their own cubicle or private office.  For workers frustrated with your employer not bringing eco awareness to your workplace, here are some suggestions taken from Taiga Company on how you can green your own workspace.
  • Bring an indoor plant to work. They give your office a little green flair and give oxygen as well as help filter indoor pollutants.  Some of the best office plants include: spider plant, jade plant and the peace lily.


  • Get your daily dose of green by subscribing to green blogs like the one found at
  • Showcase messages on your cubicle wall that promote environmental-friendliness and decorate your desk with earthy and recycled materials and objects.
  • Put your computer in sleep mode.  Do so whenever you are away from the computer for any period of time, including short breaks.
  • Go paperless.  This is one of the simplest actions you can take, yet it has one of the biggest impacts.  Only print those documents you must print.  Save paper and print double sided or re-use printer paper.
  • Invest in reusable containers and utensils for lunch.  Have a reusable coffee mug and glass for drinking.  To clean, have available eco aware cleaning products.
  • Turn off your computer and it’s power strip whenever you leave for the night.
  • Make sure your office switches off it’s lights for the night.
  • Eco commute:  ride your bicycle, take mass transit, or carpool to work.
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