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Decorating Your Cubicle

23 Sep Decorating Your Cubicle


Since the average person spends approximately 2,000 hours a year in their office cubicle, it is quite literally your home away from home.  Most cubicles are made up with the same components; a worksurface, chair, file pedestal, storage bin or shelf, computer and phone.  Why not personalize your cubicle and make it a little different?  Chances are, you will get a little more enjoyment out of spending time there and it can help improve your morale, provide interesting opportunities for conversation, and help you feel a sense of pride in your workspace.


Cubicle decoration should always be done with professionalism.  If your cubicle walls looks like a high school locker, you should rethink your design strategy.  Nothing you bring into your cubicle should distract you from your work.   It is important to decorate with restraint, using small touches to personalize your space. 


It is important to consider what type of exposure your cubicle gets.  Do you have direct contact with clients while working in your cubicle?  If so, you may want to be more conservative with decorations and accessories, as the reputation of your company depends partly on the impression you and your cubicle give them.


Here are a few ideas to keep in mind when decorating:


Personalize your cubicle with family pictures.  Framed family portraits, diplomas, and pictures of friends are all excellent office cubicle decorations.  You may even want to pin directly to a tackboard or a tackable panel. 


Use real plants whenever possible.  Real plants can boost your mood and add a bit of color to the office.  If your colleagues have allergies, or you are more of a brown thumb than a green thumb, you can use silk plants.


Hang up quotes.  A nice idea for your cubicle walls is to print out some of your favorite quotes and put them up in your cubicle.  You will feel inspired each time you look and them.  You could also consider putting up a favorite poem or saying.


Put out a candy dish to give a sweet treat to visitors when they come by to visit you.


Try not to distract yourself.  If that picture of you and your boyfriend on vacation causes you to launch into memories of the trip, then maybe it would be better off at home.  You should never be distracted by your cubicle decorations.


Do not be offensive.  Respect is very important when it comes to office cubicle decorations.  If you think your personal decorations will offend somebody, leave them at home.  Sorry, no pin-up girls, derogatory jokes or profane sayings.  If you are unsure whether or not your co-workers will be offended by your decorations, err on the side of caution.


Remember that in office cubicle accessorizing, less is more.  Be tasteful, and create a fun space that is a little easier to spend all of that time in.

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