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Deck Your Cubicle with Boughs of Holly….

11 Dec Deck Your Cubicle with Boughs of Holly….

It’s time for a fun Friday post and since we are right in the middle of the holiday season, I thought it might be fun to explore some ideas about how to make the space you work in festive for the winter holidays.


Whether you want to spur a Christmas decorating frenzy at your office with a little friendly competition between co-workers, or maybe you just want to stand out from the others. Whatever your motivation, spice up your office cubicle or executive office for the holiday season with a few additions to your normal decor and you’re sure to hear comments even after the holidays are over.


Here are a few simple ideas:


Change out your family pictures with holiday-themed pictures. Children sitting on Santa’s lap, your dog wearing Christmas antlers, even just random holiday pictures you’ve printed off the Internet.


Decorate a small Christmas tree with office supplies and place it where you normally keep your potted plants. You could even place a wrapped gift for each co-worker under your tree.


String miniature Christmas lights along the rim of your cubicle furniture. While twinkling lights may be prettier, they might distract your co-workers and lead to a ban on cubicle decorating by the higher-ups.


Play Christmas music from your computer. Many radio stations also play holiday music during office hours if you don’t want to splurge to buy your own CD. Keep the volume low so you don’t annoy your neighbors, but don’t be afraid to sing-a-long if the mood strikes you. Soon your entire office will decide to go caroling through the building.


Create a faux fireplace on the back side of cubicle panels and hang stockings for everyone in the office. Throughout the season people can add little stocking stuffers for their favorite co-workers or lumps of coal for those who have been especially naughty.


Fill a dish with Christmas candy. You’ll be surprised how many people find a reason to visit your cubicle for a taste. Don’t forget to hang candy canes over the sides of your cubicle, as well.


Add sparkle with metallic garlands taped along the edges of your computer. You can also line your cubicle entrance and top caps with garland.


For a lobby or conference room, select ornaments in various colors and hang from the ceiling.  Make sure you find a place where you can tack the ornaments and they won’t hit someone in the head.  Cut ribbon in various lengths from about one foot to two feet long depending on the space and ceiling height.  Thread the ribbon through the top of the ornament and tie a strong know so they don’t fall off.  Tack the ornaments to the ceiling using the tail end of the ribbon.  It looks great to vary the colors and lengths of ribbon and ornaments.


 Another fun idea for holiday decorating is to turn magazines, papers or any kind of office materials that you can think of, into something useful for the Christmas season.  Recycled decorations are great for the environment and inexpensive. 



I want to share the following link I found for a video made by a corporation that used magazines, paper and other office materials that were recycled to create a whole new set of office decorations for Christmas.   watch?v=gHLkl2G-_Xw




If you have employees that do not celebrate Christmas, you may want to place candles, etc. in their offices.  There are a vast array of colors available in decorations so you can also decorate with a winter holiday theme rather than focusing on Christmas.  However you decide to decorate for the holidays, I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and enjoy time spent with co-workers and loved ones. 

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