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How to Decide Between New and Used Office Furniture

15 Oct How to Decide Between New and Used Office Furniture

Whether you’re moving your startup company out of your living room and into your first office, or you’re moving a multinational corporation from one corporate office to another, getting into a new office space means you will need furniture. The decision, then, is whether you want to purchase new or used office furniture. There are pros and cons to both, so here are some things you can use to decide.


Depending on how much furniture you need, the cost to outfit your entire facility could be pretty significant. Buying brand new furniture could cost as much as four to six times as much as the same furniture used. Buying from the right used furniture supplier can provide you with the same items for as little as 15 to 25 cents on the dollar when compared with new. The only difference is that used office furniture has been, well, used, and new furniture will be straight from the factory.


You might be concerned about buying used furniture with the worry that the items you get will come with significant damage, but in most cases used furniture will only have very minor scuffs or nicks, if you notice them at all. In fact, used furniture might offer you even more peace of mind in terms of getting the highest quality because you can get proven brands with a track record of success rather than an unknown piece of furniture from an unknown supplier. In addition, many used furniture sellers will offer you a warranty to ensure that you get quality pieces.


Purchasing new office furniture is a lot like purchasing a brand new car—the minute that you take delivery (or drive the car off the lot), the value of the items depreciates considerably. Used furniture, like a used car, has already gone through that initial depreciation so you get the best price and minimal loss of value upon delivery and installation. In fact, resale value has been shown to be as high as 75% of the original price for used furniture.

Environmentally Friendly

When an office closes or upgrades its furniture, what happens to the old items? If nobody purchases them as used furniture, the answer to this question is that they go to the local landfill. Recycling office furniture by keeping it in circulation means reducing landfill waste and providing an ecologically-conscious alternative for the planet.

Used office furniture resellers offer a huge variety of products to meet a wide range of office needs, from open creative spaces to cubicles, executive desks, chairs, and much more. The end result for you is high quality furniture at a much more affordable price, so next time you’re in the market for office furniture, your best option is to buy used.

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