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Cutting Noise in Telemarketing Areas

05 Aug Cutting Noise in Telemarketing Areas


Controlling the noise levels in your telemarketing cubicles presents a significant challenge.  When your employees are exposed to excessive noise, they have a hard time concentrating.  If they are on the phone, they may have to struggle to hear the person on the other end of the line.  To make things worse, the customer may hear the buzz of multiple conversations in the background.  This gives a poor impression of the professional atmosphere of your company.


Controlling the sound in your office space is a complex process.  It involves the acoustical performance of every surface including walls, flooring, ceiling and furnishings.  The way your telemarketing cubicles are arranged will also impact overall noise levels. 


At New Life Office we can help you determine the best materials and layout for maximum noise reduction.  Our refurbished Steelcase panels have a high STC rating (Sound Transmission Class) to block sound.  The typical panel height for a call station is 53″ high.  This is a good height if you need to supervise employees with ease and still have a panel absorb sound.  Employers may want to think about going to 65″ high panels to block even more sound.


Deciding which option is best for your space is easily achieved with the help of a professional consultant.  New Life Office has been providing space planning and office design services for the past 20 years.  Our professionals can help you to determine the panel height and layout that will work best for your employees needs, the aesthetics of the space and the best possible acoustical environment.  The acoustical performance of your telemarketing stations can help to create a professional environment for the entire office.

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