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Cubicle Installers

25 Jun Cubicle Installers


After you have chosen a layout and purchased your office cubicles, it is time for installation.  To correctly install your new cubicles, it is necessary to select an experienced installation company that specializes in office cubicle installations.  Most office furniture dealers will have an installation team available.  If you are purchasing furniture online, you will usually need to find your own installers.


Regardless of where your office cubicles come from, there is a level of professionalism that you should expect from any installation team. 



The installation company should provide you with a quotation for the total cost of your installation including all labor and materials.  Typically, an installation manager will come and look at the area to be installed and ask general questions about the scope of the installation such as accessing the building (do you have a loading dock?), what brand of furniture is to be installed, what does the furniture layout plan look like, are there stairs or an elevator used to get to the space, what type of deadline needs to be met?  If an installation company is not asking these types of questions, they may not be giving you an accurate quotation.



Your cubical installation crew should show up to your site at a designated time.  A delayed installation can disrupt your entire office, especially when you have to move employees to temporary workstations while they are waiting for their new cubicles to be built.  A good, professional installation team will respect your time and keep you informed of any unforeseen circumstances that may change your time frame.


Properly Dressed

Members of the install team should be dressed in a way that lets you know who they are.  A shirt bearing the vendor’s logo or a clearly displayed ID badge shows you that the dealer is proud to have these employees representing their company.  A fairly standard “uniform” for installers is a polo shirt and jeans or shorts.  Installing is a physical job so they dress to move around easily and show that they take pride in their work.


Careful and Efficient

The cubicle installation should be carried out as efficiently as possible.  It takes time to put a system together and a good installation team will have a quick method to perform the needed tasks.  Installers should take great care to protect both the cubicle components and the rest of your property from damage.  It is common practice to wrap pieces in moving blankets for transportation through your building.  The installation team should clear your site of any installation debris such as boxes, hardware and papers to insure a completed and professional appearance of your new office cubicles.


Knowledgeable and Thorough

The installers should be happy to let you watch them work and should be willing to answer any question you have.  If the installers are doing their work correctly, all panels and worksurfaces will be level, panels will be attached with correct hardware and all storage components and trim pieces will be securely attached.  A trained installer should be present to do a final walk through will you to ensure that the job has been completed to meet or exceed your expectations.

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