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Cubicle and Office Furniture Cleaning Tips

30 Jul Cubicle and Office Furniture Cleaning Tips

Remember how impeccably clean your office cubicles looked when they were first installed? How do you keep them looking that nice after employees move in?  This is a question that comes up quite often and I would like to share a few cleaning recommendations with you today.


Panel Fabric:
To prevent overall soiling, frequent vacuuming or light brushing to remove dust and grime is recommended. Oil or grease-type spots will respond to mild solvent or dry cleaning agents. The blotting technique, without rubbing, should be be sufficient to remove most spots.


For general dirt or grime spots, sponging with the foam from a mild detergent or upholstery shampoo should remove the accumulated dirt and grime spot. Room temperature solutions should be sufficient. Rinse well with a clean sponge to remove traces of the water-base cleaning agent. The fabric should dry very quickly.


When spot cleaning with either the water-base or solvent base type cleaning agents, it is recommended to pretest a small area before proceeding to spot clean the fabric any further.


When an overall soil condition has been reached, cleaning by a professional furniture cleaning service is recommended.


Laminate Worksurfaces:
Clean regularly using Windex or a non-silcone furniture polish. Avoid abrasives or wax.


Metal file pedestals, shelves and binder bins:
Clean regularly using Windex or damp cloth.


Matte Wood Veneer Desks:
Clean with mild, soapy water regularly.


Glossy Wood Veneer Desks:
Using a non-silicone furniture polish or mild soapy water, rub in direction of the wood grain. Avoid abrasives or wax.


Laminate Desks:
Clean regularly using Windex or a non-silicone furniture polish. Again, avoid abrasives or wax.


Fabric Seating:
Spot clean using mild, soapy water or a fabric cleaner such ar Scotchgard.


 Leather Seating:
Avoid cleaning solvents. For spots, stains or regular cleaning, use a damp cloth or sponge with mild soap. For oil-based stains, blot dry and allow the excess to absorb into the leather – do not use water.

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