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Color in the Office

02 Jun Color in the Office

For some reason, many companies are afraid to incorporate color into their office space.  At some point it has been put into our heads that an office space should be plain with as little color as possible. This couldn’t be farther than the truth!  Many psychologists have studied color theory and the effect color has on a person. You will be surprised of the many benefits of having specific colors throughout your office and how they can affect your employees.

As an example, let’s look into the advantages of using the primary colors.


Blue is often used to decorate offices/workspaces because studies have shown that people are more productive in blue rooms. Feelings of calm and focus help to make this color an office favorite. Blue is best used in working spaces. If you’ve got an open area where desks are setup, consider painting those white walls blue. Individual offices as well as spaces where collaborating takes place is ideal for this color as well. Remember that blue isn’t only one hue, there are several like sky blue, royal blue and navy blue just to name a few. Shades are your best friend when it comes to painting.



You’d think this is probably the last color you’d want an office to be, but think again. Yellow is considered the most inviting color, and it’s actually been proven that houses painted yellow sell faster than those in other colors. It’s a cheerful color that can actually bring in feelings of optimism as well.

Use Yellow with much caution.

Though yellow is inviting it can also be overpowering. Use yellow in your lobby/reception area where clients come in. You want to instill the feeling yellow brings on but you don’t exactly want to paint an entire area yellow. I’d suggest either painting one wall yellow as an accent wall or adding yellow accessories throughout the area. Things like pillows, coffee tables, lamps and other accessories will work just as well.



A color that will always get your attention no matter where you see it is red. It’s not a color I’d want to see in my bedroom but certainly a color that has a place at work. The color Red can also create excitement, something we don’t see too often at work.

There is a time and place for Red.

If your company hosts seminars, trainings or events in a specific room, consider using the color Red there. Ever notice that during a sales seminar you have employees dozing off? Try adding Red and see the typical sleepers perk up. It’s almost impossible to relax in a red room.

Color is definitely one of the easiest tricks to us when changing a work environment. It’s easy to add with things like paint, pillows, lamps and other office accessories that can change the mood of your office space. If you’re a little nervous about color, start with really small accessories and slowly add more from there. You and your staff will be happy you did!

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