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Chalkboard Paint in the Office

05 Apr Chalkboard Paint in the Office

The latest office trend is a blast from the past that I would never have dreamed of seeing in use again!  That’s right, I’m talking about chalkboards.  Painting a wall in your business or even home office has become quite chic with many creative, attractive and functional results.


I know, I know, when you think of chalkboards you kind of resort back to your school days.  From an early age there is always something quite attractive about writing on walls.  You could even say there is something almost empowering about not being confined to a sheet of white paper.   It can help people of all disciplines think through a complex problem or organize their thoughts.  Developers, marketers, managers, salespeople, designers, teachers; all can benefit from this ability.  Chalkboards are becoming more popular in offices that want to set themselves apart for their creativity. In addition to the benefits of being able to think creatively, ideas can actually pop out more because of the high contrast nature of a chalkboard.


You may be thinking what exactly is chalkboard paint?  As the name indicates, chalk board paint is exactly that … paint.  It is applied just as any other waterbase coating.  The key factor when using chalkboard paint is allowing it to cure/dry per the manufacturer’s recommended time (usually 28 hours).  This allows the paint to withstand the repetitive writing and cleaning that follows.


You really can use chalkboard paint about anywhere.  If you don’t want to paint the entire wall, you can tape out a smaller section and create a chalkboard on a smaller scale.  This is where chalkboard paint can be used to express your creative side!  Use it on a door panel, paint some text bubbles on the wall and fill them in with a daily quote, paint a filing cabinet or even paint a small section of your desk for list making.  The possibilities go on and on. Unless you’re in an environment where chalk dust is a problem, you can come up with chalkboard paint ideas in any setting with nothing more than a little imagination, a paint brush and a roller.


If black doesn’t fit into your décor, no worries, there are different tints available.  Benjamin Moore,  Sherwin Williams and Rustoleum are three of the bigger manufacturers that sell blackboard paint. Check your local paint store for availability, and if that fails, your local home improvement center generally keeps it on hand.


Here are a few more ideas for both home and office!




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