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Call Center Planning

28 Aug Call Center Planning

callWhen planning a Call Center you need to consider the criteria for the overall space as well as seating and workstation furnishings. To effectively plan your call center, you will need to take a “big picture” view of the space as a whole so that you end up with a flexible, adaptable space that can easily be reconfigured as your business grows and changes. I have assembled a list of 15 items to consider during the planning process.

1. Understand the specifics of agents work tasks to adequately plan their workspace size and accessories.

2. Consider the business that the call center supports. Typically, an outbound center has smaller stations than an inbound center.

3. Conduct a planning exercise that provides a 3 to 5 year growth projection. This plan could influence how you design the current space.

4. Aisle widths between workstations must comply with OSHA and city codes.

5. Layout of space should make it easy for users to get to restrooms and break areas.

6. Supervisors’ workspaces should be properly positioned relative to agents’ workspaces.

7. Ensure you have the required ration of supervisor to agent workspaces.

8. If the supervisor needs to see agents when they are seated, then consider this when specifying workstation enclosure height.

9. Specify durable furniture that can withstand the demands of a call center.

10. Consider the furniture warranty as part of your purchase decision.

11. Specify furniture that can be easily reconfigured.

12. Specify panel fabric that is durable in a pattern/color that will hide wear.

13. Provide adjustable task seating to enhance the comfort and health of employees.

14. Include adjustable keyboards and mouse trays to reduce injuries.

15. Identify resources to educate your employees on how to properly adjust the features and furnishings.

If you are in need of a consult as you plan your Call Center, contact a member of the New Life Office Team. Our project managers and designers can help you effectively plan your space and help your company save money.

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