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Brighten Up Your Workspace

20 Aug Brighten Up Your Workspace

After spending the last 14 years in the office furniture industry, I have seen my fair share of crummy office cubicles. If you are spending your time in one of these not so aesthetically pleasing workstations, there are some quick fixes available to help  brighten up your current work area.

Here are a few ideas that can help.

  • Place a scenic piece of art at eye level on the wall in front of your worksurface. If you are surrounded by panels you can tack a picture into your panel or tack board.  Be sure to take a look at the art often during the day to give your eyes a chance to relax from staring at the computer screen.

  • Introduce some color into your workspace with tack boards. Tack boards come in a variety of colors and patterns and can add a splash of color to a neutral work space. A tack board can hang on a cubicle wall as well as on the wall of a private office.

  • Hang a symbol of achievement such as a diploma, award, or letter of appreciation. Have something in your workspace that speaks of your accomplishments and represents your value as an employee.

  • Swap out your mouse pad for a more colorful, customized one.  If it is not against your office policy, change your screensaver to a soothing image.

  • Brighten up your work area with lighting. If you are in a cubicle, add task lighting under your binder bins or shelves. It is also easy to place a small desk lamp at the top center of a freestanding desk.

  • Add natural elements throughout your workspace.. Substitute a wicker basket for your plastic trash can. Place pens in colorful earthenware containers. Use a favorite rock for a paperweight. By positioning a plant on your bookshelf or desk top you can add a little color as well as purify the air.

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