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Custom Reception Stations

panel reception With our refurbished Steelcase panel systems, we have the ability to help you create a custom reception station for your office in the right color, size and price range.  We have a warehouse full of panels that we can use in different combinations to come up with the perfect size to fit in your space and accommodate the end user.  We have hundreds of fabric and laminate options to help you select the ideal color scheme for your office space.  You can easily create a neutral look that will be easy to accessorize or match that bold company logo or corporate color scheme. refurb1 Our project managers will help you measure your space and create a look that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.  Whether you are looking for an L-shape reception desk with a transaction top or a U-shaped configuration wrapped with panels, we can meet your needs and help you save money.

Easy Halloween Costumes for the Office

It’s two days before Halloween and you are being pressured to come to the office in costume.  If you are like me, dressing up for Halloween is a form of torture.  Not real excited about a costume and don’t care to put a lot of time or thought into it?  Costume procrastinators unite!  This post is just for you.


1.  Messed up hair with curlers, bathrobe and stuffed cats make a great Crazy Cat Lady! via



2. Pin miniature cereal boxes to a sweatshirt & stab through them with plastic knives. You are a Cereal Killer! via



3.  Pin or sew plastic straws to green sweats and you have yourself a Cactus!  via inventorspot.comcactuscostume


4.  This may be the easiest costume ever! (Facebook) worked for Jim!  via



5.  A little construction paper and elementary drawing skills go a long way in an Operation costume.  via



6.  Chicken Cordon Bleu – need I say more?  via

Chicken Cordon Bleu


7.  A plaid shirt, rugged stubble and a roll of Brawny and you are the Brawny Man!  via:

Brawny man


8.  Affix clothing and dryer sheets to yourself and be Static Cling.  via

Static Cling


9.  Take a Sharpie to a plain white tee and you get a 404 Error. via

Error 404


10.  Identity Thief – via

Identity Thief

As Is Steelcase Product – Currently Available

We currently have some great looking “As Is” Steelcase product available for a great price!  This product is in exceptional condition and will move fast.  Give us a call or stop by our Boise, Salt Lake City or Las Vegas showrooms while product is still available!

exc office

Executive Office Desk $2000 – Includes desk, panels, storage. Adjustable pneumatic height desk.


Steelcase 3 Drawer Lateral Files


Steelcase Black Mesh Chair with Chrome Base and Fixed Arms – $179 each while they last.



6X7 Steelcase Workstations starting at $1100 each.

Visit our Showroom

At New Life Office we provide office cubicles, desks, conference tables, seating and storage to our customers through out the U.S.  You may have visited us online, but did you know that we also have showrooms for customers to go in and take a look at product?  Our showrooms are located in Salt Lake City, UT, Boise, ID and Las Vegas, NV.  Each of our showrooms showcase all of our products so you can see for yourself just how great our refurbished Steelcase cubicles look or take a new chair for a test drive.  All of our new desks are set up in the showroom as well so you can see sizes and different configurations available.

Our design center will show you all of the different finishes available for worksurfaces, paint and panel fabric.  Our project managers are on hand to help you layout your space to meet the needs of your team, put together color schemes and answer any product questions you may have.

Take a look at our beautiful Las Vegas showroom!  We love showing off the great look and quality of our office furniture.  Even better, we love saving you money!IMG_2367 IMG_2368 (1)

Stop by and visit us today!  You can find addresses and  phone numbers for all 3 locations as well as our online services at

New Seating Options

We literally just had a new inventory of chairs roll in. One of our goals at New Life Office is to provide quality product at a great price. We are constantly searching for and updating our inventory to bring you the best seating options at a reasonable cost. For more seating options, visit our website at

The NL200 is a new High Back Executive Chair. It comes in black leather with a black base. $179

The NL300 is the matching Sled Base Guest Chair.  It also comes in black leather with a black base.  $149

Leather ExecLeather side

The NL400 is a new Mesh Back Task Chair with adjustable arms and gas lift.  $169

mesh exec

The NL100 is our standard Black Mesh Task Chair with fixed arms and gas lift.  $99

mesh task

Chrome Leg Table Desk & Conference Table


Our Chrome Leg Table Desk is a great addition for your private or open office. This contemporary desk has a fun, cutting edge look. The overall dimensions are 36 X 72, perfect to sit down and spread your work out, or pull up to for a quick conference. With a choice of black or cherry finish for the worksurface, you can create a high tech look that compliments your surrounding office environment. The desk comes standard with a mobile file pedestal and chrome finish on legs. For more desk options, visit our website

If you love the look of our Chrome Leg Table Desk but need something more accomodating for a conference area or collaborate workspace, look no further! Our Contemporary Conference Table comes in 6, 8, 10, 12 and 14 foot options. The same black and cherry finishes are available as well as additional colors upon request. See additional options at

Benching Workstations

Are you trying to create an office environment that fosters collaboration? At New Life Office we have several workstation options that will make it easier for team members to communicate and work together. Our Benching Workstations are designed to be set up in quads of four or more. Each quad measures 60X120 for a straight worksurface option or 120X120 for an L-shape worksurface configuration. Slat boards, mobile file pedestals and paper management tools offer flexibility, privacy and collaboration options to fit your company’s needs.  See all of our options at

Benching Workstation Quad


Contemporary Shared Workstation (3)

Planning a Conference Room

4x8-conference-table-main-190x190There is nothing worse than having a newly finished conference room end up being all table with no space to move. Planning your conference room is much easier if you have some basic guidelines to follow. Lets start off with the clearances you need to take into consideration.

56” is ideal and 48” is minimum for clearance between the table and wall. This space is needed to allow a person to get by as well as allow for a chair.

It takes a minimum of 16” for a person to walk sideways between a chair and wall and 24” to walk without turning.

It is important to allow 30” side to side per chair. This will allow each person to comfortably pull out chair and be seated.

56” needs to be allowed between the table and visual display.

For quick reference, here are the most common conference table sizes, how many people can be accommodated, and the minimum room size for table.

Table Size        Seats                Minimum Room Size
6′                       4-6                   14′ X 12′
8′                       6-8                  16′ X 12′
10′                     8-10                18′ X 12′
12′                     10-12               20′ X 12′
14′                     12-14               22′ X 12′

Some of our most common table shapes are round, boatshape, rectangle and racetrack. For more information, contact one of the talented Project Managers at  We can help you plan a great looking conference room with optimal space usage.

Round Tableracetrack-2

Refurbished Cubicles – More Than Expected For Less

It is common for people to have the misconception that refurbished cubicles look old or not as nice as new product. At New Life Office we delight in showing our customers just how great our refurbished product looks. In fact, it’s kind of fun to give our clients more than they expected!

Our cubicles are a nice combination of refurbished Steelcase panels and storage with new worksurfaces and file pedestals. We painstakingly remove old fabric, sand down all metal parts and then bake new paint on. Next, we recover panels in new fabric of customer’s choice and manufacture new worksurfaces in laminate also chosen by customer. Once we pair our new file pedestals with the refurbished panels and worksurfaces, it’s hard to tell the difference between a new and refurbished cubicle. We love giving our customers more than they expected for less!

See for yourself! Here are pictures from some of our recent installations.

Pro Bar1

Pro Bar3

Fairway Mortgage 3

Fairway Mortgage 5Insure Monkey 2












Office Furniture Ideas for Father’s Day

Since it is Father’s Day Weekend, I thought I would throw out some quick last minute gift ideas.  Have you considered giving your father, husband, significant other a nice office chair or even a desk for Father’s Day?  Think about it, what a perfect gift!  Something thoughtful and useful.  Here are a few items that are in stock and could be picked up today!

What Dad wouldn’t look great in our High Back Executive Task Chair?  This chair is a leather high back and would look great in a home or business office.  This high back comes with padded arms and a  chrome finish.  This chair not only looks great, it is also functional and would be comfortable for a long days work.

If Dad needs a task chair for the home office and needs something on a  smaller scale, check out this Mesh Task Chair.  The mesh back allows air to pass through to prevent body heat build up and for cooling comfort.  This chair comes with contoured loop armrests, adjustable gas lift seat height adjustment and a sweet looking metal finish base.

Our Bowfront style desks are our most popular and look great in both home and corporate offices.  You can go with just a 72″ desk, an L-shape desk (as shown) or if space permits a full U-shape workstation.  We stock these desks in both cherry and mahogany and they come with a file pedestal.

If you are searching for a great looking desk for a smaller home office, Dad is sure to love this 30X66 budget desk.  We stock the desk in a cherry finish and it comes with a file pedestal.

Rendering of 30x66 Budget Desk

You can find these items and more on our website  Happy Father’s Day!