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Benefits of Art in the Office

27 Apr Benefits of Art in the Office

“Businesses that invest in art in the workplace are seeing returns on their investments,” according to Glen Howard, president of Strategic Philanthropy Advisors and board member of Americans for the Arts.


In 2003, the Business Committee for the Arts and the International Association for Professional Art Advisors announced the results of a survey of more than 800 individuals working in 32 companies possessing artwork in the office. The responses revealed that art in the workplace is a valuable business asset.


  • 78 percent of employees agreed art helps reduce stress
  • 84 percent agreed art increases productivity and creativity
  • 67 percent agreed art boosts morale
  • 73 percent wanted more art in their workplace, claiming it helps make them feel more motivated and inspired


“The direction in today’s office interiors is to create an atmosphere that encourages communication among the entire staff by breaking away from the traditional, hierarchical office configurations,” says Terry M. Tellez, ASID, of Design Awareness Inc.  Studies show that art in the workplace encourages discussion and expression of opinions. One law firm even found that art created an atmosphere of humanity and creativity for its lawyers, staff and clients.


Many employees sit in cubicles staring at computer screens for long periods of time. Health and safety initiatives recommend people take a break from staring at their screen. Artwork can provide a well-needed distraction.


“The truly artful interior is compelling and provocative and transforms visual silence into a symphony of texture, color and light,” says Robert L. Stuffing, a designer, builder and developer.  This compelling nature of art personalizes different areas of the workplace and should never be underestimated. All employees are unique. Displaying unique art pieces is another way of highlighting individuality and emphasizes that the company treats each of its staff members as individuals.


Art in the workplace can also show a building owner’s interest in improving the quality of life in and out of a facility. Well-chosen artwork displayed in reception areas, waiting rooms and meeting rooms can put visitors at ease and build customer and community relations that lead to networking opportunities.


Most visitors see the reception area first. Well-positioned artwork can become a talking point and help promote a building, especially if companies display images of their work or products. Photography is a creative medium for producing an office’s original artwork. Products and project images can be photographed and displayed artistically and professionally to create a fresh look and add interest to the space. Investing in corporate art reflects the success of the company and suggests a forward thinking and dynamic ethos.

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