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Balancing Work and Fun

02 Nov Balancing Work and Fun





Did you happen to catch the great article on MSN titled Work Less, Play More?  Elise Nersesian-Solé offers some great advice to working women on how to balance all of your to-do’s with a little fun.  Check out these 7 tips.


Schedule a Mani/Pedi

Your boss may not know it, but your 5 p.m. pedicure is just as crucial as the report you’re cranking out for her. Doing things that make you feel good about yourself will make you a more productive employee. “When you tend to personal details, you’ll feel more organized, put together and efficient,” says psychotherapist Jonathan Alpert.


Ask for Flextime

Approach your boss with a list of ways a more flexible schedule could benefit the company, and offer solutions to problems you anticipate could arise, says Alpert. Get turned down? Ask if you can give the arrangement a trial run for three months.


Leave Work at the Office

“The bottom line is people with social lives make much better employees,” says Albert. “Not only are they recharged from the break, but they’re better able to put problems into perspective.” So if there’s a beach involved, or just happy hour with the girls, leave your folders at work.


Follow this Rule of Three

When you get to work, ID three tasks you must get done that day. Even if the rest of your day falls apart, knowing you got three things crossed off your list will make you feel productive.


Swap “Super” for “Good”

“The biggest challenge I see with my clients is they try to be super-mother and super-employee – and to achieve both comes with a cost,” says Alpert. Strive for being a good mother, employee and partner, whatever your role may be. And save your best efforts for when it really matters.


Don’t Skip the Gym

You hear it all the time because it’s true: Despite the obvious benefits of downsizing a dress size (if that’s your goal), sticking to your exercise regimen will rev your energy and mood, thanks to the post-workout endorphin rush. And when you’re feeling clearheaded and relaxed, you’ll better manage your workload.


Sleep When You’re Tired

“It sounds obvious, but many people climb into bed long before they’re ready to sleep,” says Alpert. “But using the bedroom solely for sleep (not work or television) will induce fatigue and a peaceful sleep.”

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