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An Inspirational Office

26 May An Inspirational Office

It is Monday morning and you have just plunked down in your office cubicle to begin a new work week.  Do you feel excited to take on new challenges or finish a project you have been working on?  Do your employees seem energized, or ready for the next break?  The way your employees feel while in your office environment can actually affect performance and productivity.

Have you ever thought about using motivational or inspirational posters in your workplace?  They can help create a more uplifting work environment.  The key is to create some workplace inspiration, which will reflect positive energy onto your brand.  If your employees are working at their optimum, then your brand will be moving in the same direction. Here are a few factors to examine in order to create an inspirational workplace.


Reception Area – Is it neat, welcoming and clearly state what you do? It should be the perfect representation of your business. This is the first image that visitors and potential employees will be getting so make it a good one.  The reception area is a great place for nicely framed posters or to showcase a customized quote or mission statement.

Offices/Work Stations – Does the space around employees’ work areas feel cold and institutional or warm and engaging?  Not only can nice décor cheer up an otherwise sterile environment, the use of inspirational posters or motivational posters can help remind people to think positive or that they are part of a team.  If posters will not work into your office design, think about inspirational quotes in desk top frames, calendars and planners, mugs, mouse pads, notepads, or even pen/pencil cups.


Conference Rooms/Break Areas – You can enhance the look of conference rooms, break rooms and hallways while communicating your corporate values to employees and clients.  Take advantage of the opportunity to foster teamwork within your workforce.

Your employees are your greatest resource and asset. If you have passionate employees, this will go a long way in helping your business to succeed.  Most of the companies out there that offer motivational posters also provide recognition awards, plaques or simple thank you cards.  What a great way to boost employee morale and give thanks for work well done!

If you create a workplace culture of thriving and inspiring instead of simple survival, you will be building a more productive work environment.  You’ll have an enthusiastic workforce and a place where work does not feel like “just” work.  Now there is a place we would all like to be!

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