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“If integrity exists at the top of a company, it should filter down and penetrate the entire organization.”

Big Al

Beginning with New Life’s first employee, hired 25 years ago, it has been our philosophy to hire people who are honest, hardworking and team players who are passionate about what they do. All of our employees are expected to treat one another with dignity and respect regardless of their level or position. We believe that people mirror the treatment they receive. This philosophy cannot succeed and thrive quickly. It may take years to field a winning team, but the result of the effort is a team of people that are loyal, dedicated and motivated to do their job. It is important to them to provide superior products and customer satisfaction.

Paul BenevidasAt New Life Office, we believe in the phrase, “what goes around comes around”. When integrity, honesty, trust, fairness and decency start at the top, you can expect it from your customer service.

Our company’s standard of ethical performance and great customer service has been recognized by nomination for the Better Business Bureau “Integrity Counts” award.