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2013 Buzzwords

12 Jan 2013 Buzzwords

Today I want to test your buzzword knowledge. Business News Daily interviewed small business owners, PR people, entrepreneurs and others to see what the big buzzwords would be in 2013. I’ll be honest, my score wasn’t too good, go ahead and test your knowledge!


1. Advertainment— “Advertising is no longer about interrupting what people are interested in, it’s about being what people are interested in.”


2. Phablets— A mixture of a smartphone and tablet.


3. Growth hacker— “A role that replaces traditional marketing roles in fast-growing businesses.”


4. Social learning— “An individual’s learning a skill through observation, without necessarily changing their behaviors or on-the-job performance.


5. Alphanista— “Successful women in powerful positions having it all.”


6. Acqui-hire— “A blend of acquired and hired.”


7. Return on involvement— A brand that “gets involved with their community will garner better return on their investment by getting involved hosting fundraisers, partnering with schools and giving the local residents a gathering spot.”


8. Inventreprenuers— “An entrepreneur-inventor hybrid that markets and/or manufactures their own creation.”


9. Twinternship— “An internship where the student’s mission is to promote the company and its brands using social media such as Twitter and Facebook.”


10. Wantrepreneur— Someone who hasn’t “taken all the steps necessary to take the leap” into entrepreneurship.


11. Minergy— Someone who uses “minimal energy to get the task accomplished.”


12. Tri-ti-tasking— “Doing three things at once.”


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