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10 Minute Workouts For Break Time

18 Mar 10 Minute Workouts For Break Time

Last week we posted Get Moving After Work where we talked about the mental and physical advantages of exercise and shared some great advice on how to motivate your self to hit the gym after work.  Just today, I ran into a great article on active.com and thought I would share these helpful tips that you can do in the office.

A recent Canadian study shows that short bouts of exercise can offer the same health and fitness benefits as working out in one continuous stretch. If it isn’t practical to block-out an hour in your day for your workout regimen, don’t throw in the sweat towel altogether. Aim to complete at least three 10-minute exercise sessions at various points in your day.

Try these six 10-minute activities to get you moving.

Jump Rope

That’s right. A jump rope costs less than $5 at the store and the workout will burn 114 calories in just 10 minutes of action. Close your office door and relive those childhood memories of skipping rope.

Run Laps

Who says you have to go to a track to run laps? Just run–or even walk–around the perimeter of your office building for 10 minutes. If the weather is poor, try walking through the hallways, being sure that you don’t stop to chit-chat with your co-workers until your 10 minutes is complete.

Wall Push-Ups

If you have a moment between meetings, take some time to build your upper body strength. Stand about one foot away from the wall, place your palms on the wall as wide as your shoulders, and do some push-ups.

Exercise DVDs

Quite a few exercise DVDs now offer 10-minute segments. If you can’t find one that fits the bill, then try completing just part of the DVD at a time. Work on the arm exercises in the morning and the leg exercises at night.

Use Line Time

The next time that you’re standing in line at the grocery store–or anywhere, for that matter–use the time for a little fitness. Try some calf raises, lifting up onto the balls of your feet, then returning to flat feet. Contract your abdominals by gently drawing your navel towards your spine.


Turn on your favorite tunes and jam to the beat. Ease your workday stress and burn a few calories in the meantime.   Gain more energy throughout the day and keep fit with these simple activities. And don’t forget to have fun.

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